Library Rules

In addition to a number of hardcover books, The Central New York Aquarium Society mails a copy of it’s bulletin, The Reflector, to various other clubs in exchange for a copy of their bulletin. These bulletins are separated and cataloged in separate binders according to their subject.

There are only a few simple rules to borrowing books from the CNYAS Library.
1. You must be an official member of CNYAS to borrow books.
2. Any material lost, damaged, or defaced in any way will be replaced at the borrower’s expense. Please do not take apart, write in, or get the material wet. For the books that do not have a price tag (e.g., constructed books) there will be a $5 fee imposed on any damaged or lost material.
3. Do not untape the pages of the constructed books. The pages have been taped together for the reason of saving space and money.
4. One month is the maximum time you may keep any material unless you renew at a subsequent general meeting. If you don’t plan on returning it the following month or if you are unsure about attending the meeting, don’t borrow it. You can always look them over during the break.

Listed below are the books available in the CNYAS library.

Available books


13 – Atlas of Freshwater and Marine Catfishes Richter 1988
37 – All Corydoras Aqualog 1996


7 – Cichlids and All Other Fishes of Lake Malawi Konings 1990
19 – Cichlids from Central America Konings 1989
23 – Cichlids and All Other Fishes of Lake Tanganyika Birchard 1989
51 – Cichlids and All Other Fish of Lake Tanganyika Birchard 1989
67 – African Cichlids of Lake Malawi & Tanganyika
84 – Complete Color Lexicon of Cichlids Axelrod
95 – African Cichlids I: Cichlids from West Africa Linke-Staeck 1994
115 African Cichlids II: Cichlids from Eastern Africa Linke Staeck 1994103 Discus for the Perfectionist Wattley 1991104 Guide to South American Cichlids Leibel 1993105 Success with Discus Quarles Vol 1106 Wild caught Discus Degen 1995

Compiled Article Binders

Angelfish & Discus
Aquascaping & Plants
Barbs, Tetras, Danios, Rasboras, Rainbows & Characins
Botias, Loaches, Sharks & Eels
Brackish Systems
Catfish (all other)
Catfish (Coryadoras & Brochis)
Cichlids – African
Cichlids – American
Diseases, Medication, Genetics & Fish Biology
Filtration & Water Chemistry
Goldfish & Koi
History of the Hobby
Livebearers & Goodieds
Programs of other Clubs
Reptiles & Amphibians
Shows & Judging


38 – Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Problem Solver Sanford
61 – Handbook of Fish Diseases Untergasser 1989
80 – Guide to Fish Breeding Andrews 1986 81 Handbook of Tropical Aquarium Fishes Axelrod 199082 Mini Aquariums Boruchowitz 2008

General Fish

33 – Aquarium Atlas Baensch & Riehl
36 – Manual Of Tank Busters Sanford & Crow 1991
88 – Aquarium Atlas Volume 2 Baensch & Rehl
110 – Aquarium Atlas Volume 3 Baensch & Rehl

General Plant

34 – Nature Aquarium World Book 3 Amano 1994
92 – Manual Of Aquarium Plants Robb
108 – Nature Aquarium World Amano 1994 39 Aquarium Plants Tepoot 1998


73 – Goldfish Paradise 1988?
102 – Chinese Goldfish Tetra 1990 103 The Proper Care of Goldfish Geran


29 – Atlas of Killifishes of the Old World Scheel 1990


21 – Atlas of Livebearers Wshnath 1993
68 – Proper Care of Livebearers, The


Cichlid News
Tropical Fish Hobbyist


1 – Modern Reef Aquarium, the Emmens 1984
12 – Marine Aquarium Problem Solver Dakin
28 – Dr. Burgess Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fishes 2nd Ed.
30 – Marine Aquariums Kurtz 200


55 – Garden Ponds for Everyone Scheurman 1987


59 – Freshwater Fishes of Australia Allen 1989
113 – Rainbow fishes in Nature and In the Aquarium Allen 1995