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Join CNYAS March 20th, 2019

The man, the myth, the legend

Join us this month for a special presentation from our most famous killifish member Len Futterman, who went as far as getting Killifish put on his license plate! Yes, he loves breeding and keeping Killifish that much!

We wont have any delays this time due to technical issues so you can be sure to see this epic performance and knowledge on keeping & breeding mop spawning Killifish!

See you there!

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Hey Fish People!

2018 is coming to an end before we know it!

Many exciting things with CNYAS have happened this year! We welcomed our new president Bill Yard, his vision and excitement will bring about positive changes to get more participation from members in the clubs programs like AHAP, BAP & WAP.

Please come check out our next meetings happening soon!

The programs:

Oct – Nantucket Aquarium Adventure – Ira Smith

November – Breeding Cory cats – Herschel Beeman, with albino corys provided by Bill Yard

As always just a reminder to catch up on your membership dues if you want to continue to receive the reflector!