January 20th, 2016 First Meeting of the year!

Posted by Chris Taylor

http://cnyas.org/images/img07.jpgWith every New Year it brings another chance to bring everyone together, find new members, and feed our multiple tank syndrome at tax time which just happens to be around auction time.  We will be posting the information later today or tomorrow for the location of this year’s Annual Auction.

Be sure to come to the monthly auction to hear our very own Len Futterman talk about the great gadgets we have available to us as fish keepers. Be sure to stick around for the monthly meeting auction!


October 21st, 2015 Monthly Meeting

Posted by Chris Taylor

 We have a very special guest joining us this month he is Author Tom Grady who is known for his expertise on Killifish. He has an exciting new book series on Killifish and will be talking about these awesome fish! He also will be autographing copies of his book for those who are interested!

Come join the fun, bring a friend for refreshment, mini auction, good fun and most of all to keep the hobby alive!



September 16th 2015 Meeting

Posted by Chris Taylor

Hello Fellow Fish People!

Please join us tomorrow September 16, 2015 for our first official meeting of the year! If you are new to the club no problem you do not have to be an official member to come check us out! Come for refreshments, our guest speaker, an our mini auction! 

Our first guest speaker of the year is long time member local fish expert Kapil Mandrekar on keeping Cichlids! There will also be a chance to sign-up, talking about future trips and current events!

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The March 2015 meeting will begin at 7pm in the Dewitt Community Room.
This month The President of the American Livebearer Association, Scott Tetzlaff will be speaking about livebearers and the ALA Convention. After Scott's talk there will be a short break, the meeting will conclude with a mini auction. The Bowl Show is back this month with a Striped Fish, and Open Class .

April 15th 2015 Meeting

Posted by Jenn

The April 2015 meeting will begin at 7pm in the Dewitt Community Room.

This month we will begin with preparations for the annual auction on April 25th. After the auction details are out of the way, we will be nominating people for the board and chair positions. After the awards we will have a short intermission and the meeting will conclude with our usual mini auction. This month, the Bowl Show will focus on a Betta Class, and the Open Class.

See you at the April meeting!


Central New York Aquarium Society's 37th Annual Auction!

This year our Annual Auction will be held on April 25th in the same location as last year at St. Matthews Over the Rainbow Child Care Center 214 Kinne St. East Syracuse, NY 13057. The auction opens for registration at 10:15 until 11am when the auction begins.

For more information please email cnyas@yahoo.com